Scrappy and lean, the Colt is all you need for your bare essentials.

Rock-solid construction meets a classic style with a tilt. The Colt is the ultimate low profile wallet for front-pocket use. Each pocket will stretch to hold 1-5 cards, and has a tilted design for ease of removal. Altogether, the Colt holds 2-10 cards, and cash in the main center pocket.

If you're a bare essentials type of person, the Colt will hold your ID card, banking card(s), a credit card, a couple of membership cards, and a few (2-10) bills in the center pocket. 

Dimensions: 4"w x 2.5" h x .25"d

Full Grain USA-manufactured English Bridle leather.

Handmade in the USA (Columbus, Ohio). Guaranteed for life.

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