WHITE FLAME POUCH - Cherry & Brass

$99 $140

The little zipper pouch of your dreams.

Zipper pouches are only available in limited quantity drops. You can choose how you want to carry your pouch! These pouches make excellent wallets, wristlets, chest slings, fanny packs, or crossbody bags, and are topped off with a Riri zipper (the Rolls Royce of zippers, made in Switzerland).

These bags are compact sized, and just big enough to carry a phone, slim wallet and some change, pens, lipstick, etc. A large smartphone with a case will fit in this pouch.

Overall dimensions: 

  • 9.5"w x 5.75"h
  • Zipper Opening: 8"


  • Wristlet (one D ring, removable wrist strap)

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