THE VEGA HARNESS - Fawn & Nickel - Size A

$199 $250
Hardware Color:

READY TO SHIP - Size A - (1) Nickel Available

Shine like the brightest star in the sky. 

The ultimate chain + leather harness that sits on or a little below the waist, and comes to a V point at your back. Featuring a large statement chain in the front that extends from under the collarbone to the waist, with two side buckles at the waist. You can comfortably wear this harness backwards as well (chain in back). This harness is for all genders.

Wear it over any outfit as a luxury accessory. Made of thick 8-10 oz vegetable tanned full grain leather that is free of all harmful chemicals, tanned in Pennsylvania. Built with solid brass hardware, and guaranteed for life.

Size chart can be found in the product photos.

*These harnesses are not suede lined, and are not built specifically for wearing directly on the skin, but you can wear them however you please.


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